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Liquid Residual Waste


Berks Transfer has years of experience in the waste transportation and disposal industry and knows how to keep your project running smoothly. We can assist with the transportation, testing, and solidification/disposal of liquid residual waste (LRW) with the proper waste characterization approval prior to accepting.

Transportation options include delivery to the Berks Transfer facility via tanker, sealed container, drums, and totes. Berks Transfer must comply with all standards for waste storage, handling, and disposal. Containment, hauling, and testing of non-hazardous residual waste is available onsite.

Berks Transfer has three 12,000-gallon solidification pits for approved non-hazardous LRW. Non-hazardous liquid residual waste is solidified on site for disposal. Concrete is recycled into aggregate, a pulverized material mixture. Berks Transfer’s waste disposal facility can handle up to 1,000 tons of waste per day.

Berks Transfer can also accept and dispose of Solid Residual Waste.
Residual Waste (RW): accepted in liquid and solid form pending prior approval. This is a non-hazardous waste which is typically generated by the manufacturing industry. Any RW which is disposed of in liquid form will be solidified on site.