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Solid Waste


Berks Transfer accepts and disposes of Construction & Demolition debris (C & D), Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), and Residual Waste (RW). The basic definition of solid waste is any refuse, garbage, or debris resulting from personal, commercial, or industrial operations or community activity. Solid waste disposal is our business and we take it seriously. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of residents by providing services that result in a clean, livable community. Our customers consist of anyone from an individual with a small project to large-scale contractors.

In addition to our solid waste disposal, we also offer containment, hauling, and processing of non-hazardous residual wastes. Debris can be hauled to the facility by the customer, disposed of through a roll-off/dumpster rental, or trucked by Berks Transfer. Our “in-and-out” drop-off makes disposing waste with Berks Transfer safe and efficient, with separate receiving areas for large and small loads.

Berks Transfer promotes recycling and beneficial reuse. Our staff separates wood, metal, and cardboard from debris for consignment to area recycling firms. Each year, recycling becomes more and more important because it helps prevent greenhouse gas emissions. Approximately 90 million tons of municipal solid waste were recycled in 2014 nationwide. This accounts for only about a 35% recycling rate. The EPA strongly encourages reuse and recycling through the use of community solid waste disposal efforts.

Berks Transfer also assists with the transportation, testing, solidification and disposal of Liquid Residual Waste (LRW) with the proper waste characterization approval prior to accepting.
Berks Transfer Accepts & Disposes of:
Construction & Demolition (C & D): debris that results from the demolition or construction of a building, roads, or other structure. It typically consists of wood, concrete, brick, roofing materials, sheet rock, plaster, metals, or tree stumps.

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW): generated by households, businesses, and institutions. The MSW accepted includes yard waste (green waste), most commonly comprised of leaves, grass clippings, tree trimmings, and brush. Recyclables include paper, newsprint, ferrous metals, plastic, glass, and aluminum.

Residual Waste (RW): accepted in liquid and solid form pending prior approval. This is a non-hazardous waste typically generated by the manufacturing industry. Any PA DEP LRW may be solidified on site.